How to Travel With CBD Vape Oil?

Since the signing of the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD oil has become more readily available across the United States. 

With more and more people using CBD oil, it is inevitable that people will be travelling with it leading many to wonder exactly how to travel with CBD vape oil, especially when travelling by air. 

Until very recently, the TSA has restricted CBD vape oil from being brought along on a plane, but that has since changed. While small amounts of CBD vape oil are now permitted on planes in the US, you’ll still want to take the following precautions in order to ensure incident-free travel.

Here’s what you need to know to make travelling with CBD oil as stress-free as possible:


CBD Laws and Regulations

If you are considering bringing CBD vape oil along with you on your next flight, it’s helpful to become familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding CBD and CBD vape oil. 

For starters, all public transportation in the US is regulated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA is a federal agency within the US Department of Homeland Security that presides over all public transportation including trains, buses, and airports.

To help keep you safe, the TSA has placed restrictions on what items may be brought on a plane, one of which until recently was CBD vape oil.  The TSA has since made the distinction that CBD vape oil derived from hemp, with a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of less than 0.3%, is allowed. 

CBD oil derived from medical marijuana is still restricted and so it’s important you confirm the source of your CBD vape oil before you consider bringing it along with you on your flight.


Marijuana Vs. Hemp Sourced CBD Vape Oil

Marijuana and hemp are varieties of the cannabis plant. Because of their differing concentrations of THC, the law has classified them differently.


While the THC content of marijuana can reach upwards of 20 to 30%, legal hemp contains no more than 0.3%. 


Under federal law, marijuana is still an illegal substance, due to its high THC content. Hemp and hemp-derived products, such as CBD vape oil, on the other hand, have been made legal on the federal level under the Agricultural Improvement Act.

For the sake of issue-free air travel with CBD vape oil, it’s crucial that you stick to only bringing hemp-derived CBD vape oil. Marijuana, or a marijuana-derived product will always land you in trouble!


How to Travel With CBD Vape Oil

Before considering bringing your CBD vape oil along with you on your next flight, it’s important to take the necessary precautions. Below are a few tips that will hopefully make travelling with CBD vape oil go off without a hitch.


Avoid International Travel With CBD Vape Oil

While hemp-derived CBD vape oil is perfectly legal in the United States, that is not necessarily the case in your destination country. 

Before even thinking about it, you should read up on the laws in the country you’re travelling to, as both hemp and marijuana are still heavily regulated in some countries. Attempting to bring in even a little CBD vape oil into some countries may result in criminal penalties!

It is for this reason, at this time that international travel with CBD vape oil is not recommended. 

The same applies to interstate travel. Some states have different restrictions and laws around CBD so be sure that you understand the laws in the state you are travelling to before you pack your vape. 


Read Over the Certificate of Analysis (COA) of Your CBD Vape Oil

Due to a lack of industry regulations, some companies are selling CBD vape oil that ends up with higher THC contents than what’s allowed. You need to verify that the CBD vape oil you purchase contains no more than the permitted 0.3% THC content.

To verify your CBD vape oil’s THC content, read over the Certificate of Analysis (COA) of the product you’re interested in traveling with. If the manufacturer is not able to verify your product is either THC-free or has less than 0.3%, don’t bring it with you on your flight. Reputable brands like Vape Bright will always post these certificates. 


Bring Any Documentation You Have

While hemp-derived CBD vape oil is now permitted on US flights, the TSA has no way to confirm that what you have is legal, and contains less than 0.3% THC.

To help clear up any questions the TSA may have about your CBD vape oil, you should bring along with you any documentation you can in order to verify what you have is legal.

Helpful documentation to bring with you through airport security includes:

  • Lab reports
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Prescriptions
  • Doctor’s notes

As long as you’ve verified your CBD vape oil is legal, and have brought along the above documentation, getting through airport security shouldn’t be an issue.


Pack Your CBD Vape Oil in Your Carry-On

While it may be tempting to avoid any confrontation at all and pack up your CBD vape oil in your checked bags, this is not recommended. While you may get away with it, it’s possible for your CBD vape oil to be confiscated if the TSA come across it and aren’t sure of its contents. 

Bringing your CBD vape oil with you in your carry-on luggage bypasses this issue. If the TSA ends up having any questions about your product, you’ll be there, prepared with all the necessary documentation.


Properly Package Your CBD Vape Oil

As with any aqueous products, CBD vape oil must be packaged properly in order to meet the TSA’s requirements for air travel. You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, gels, creams, pastes, or aerosols that contain no more than 3.4 oz of liquid each in your carry-on.

As long as you follow the above precautions, traveling with CBD vape oil should be easy. Verifying your CBD vape oil meets federal requirements under the Farm Bill, packing it well, and bringing along any documentation you have is all it takes to for worry-free travel with CBD vape oil.

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