Best JUUL Compatible CBD Pods

These days, everyone is talking about CBD oil and vaping it is one of the most effective and efficient ways to consume it. If you are curious about trying CBD oil and are already using a JUUL device, you’re almost ready to get started. You have the JUUL device, now all you need is a… Read more »

How to Select Your CBD Vape Cartridge?

So you’ve decided to start vaping CBD oil. With so many brands and options available, how do you select the right CBD vape cartridge for your vape pen? Ultimately, the cartridge you choose will depend on what you need and what you are looking for. Do not get distracted by fancy packaging or bold product… Read more »

Dosing, carrier liquids and more: Vape Bright CEO Jason Hand discusses CBD vaping on Podcast

Although massively popular, vaping is still a relatively new phenomenon, and many of us have questions, especially when it comes to vaping CBD. Like: How much CBD do you get per puff? Why do some companies use propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) in their formulations, and others don’t? What’s coming next in the… Read more »