Dosing, carrier liquids and more: Vape Bright CEO Jason Hand discusses CBD vaping on Podcast

Although massively popular, vaping is still a relatively new phenomenon, and many of us have questions, especially when it comes to vaping CBD. Like:

  • How much CBD do you get per puff?
  • Why do some companies use propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) in their formulations, and others don’t?
  • What’s coming next in the world of CBD vaping?

Vape Bright CEO Jason Hand addressed these questions and many more in wide-ranging interview featured in a recent episode of the Kannaboomers Podcast. Podcast

Among the topics covered were these questions and answers:

How do you know how much CBD is in your vape?

“You really need to know total amount of CBD that’s in the product you’re using,” said Hand. “And then you need to figure out how much of that CBD can you administer into your body within a reasonable amount of time. Our original product, Thrive, has 200 milligrams of CBD. It’s in a 500-milligram cartridge, so therefore we’re a 40 percent solution, and that is very high for vape.”

From a medicinal perspective, what’s the advantage of vaping?

“You have something as small as a pen that can fit in your pocket. It’s instant, and  the lungs are an incredible delivery system. The pulmonary capillaries are an instant delivery system to your bloodstream, which is why oxygen works in the first place, or why cannabis works, or THC, right? It’s instant because your lungs are this huge reception device, and there’s no faster way to get it into your bloodstream.”

Why is it necessary to have a carrier liquid?

“You need the ratio of CBD oil to be correct in order to vaporize it, or else you’ll have a gigantic rock candy and your cartridge… propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are just different carrier liquids that allow you to dilute whatever it is that you’re trying to vaporize. Both of them have questionable history and safety. There was a study done, I think a couple years ago, I think it was the New England Journal of Health. Can’t remember if that was them, but they basically showed that at high temperatures propylene glycol turns into formaldehyde and that scared the living daylights out of all these people that are blowing clouds of propylene glycol.  I think that study has been since debunked, basically because of the level of voltage required. You wouldn’t even be able to inhale that.”

How is MCT oil different as a carrier liquid?

“Instead of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, MCT oil has now become the standard. We’re really happy about this because it’s probably the highest-quality, best carrier liquid, if you want to call it that, that you can find because all it is is medium chain triglycerides, meaning they have less than, I think less than 10 carbon chains that allows it to be passed through your walls of your lungs a lot easier, so it’s a really clean, appropriate way to use hemp oil because the oil itself doesn’t contain any large fat or waxes that would naturally stick to your lungs…”

What’s sort of innovations are coming next?

“Terpenes have a number of different, let’s just call them potentiating effects, so blends of CBD with other terpenes, with perhaps other molecules are interesting to us. I don’t think CBD is the last thing we’re going to formulate into a vaporizer. I think there’s a potential for a lot of things that can be vaporized and they’ll like if you’ve seen some of these vitamin B12 vapes or vitamin vapes, if you will.”

These are just a few of the topics Jason addressed. There’s much more in the entire interview, which you can listen to at

3 Responses to “Dosing, carrier liquids and more: Vape Bright CEO Jason Hand discusses CBD vaping on Podcast”

  1. Emily Garcia

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue and everything else that accompanied this silent illness. I want to try CBD oil vapes. How many mg would I need and how often should I use it.

    • Jason Hand

      Hey Stephanie,

      Many people do use this as a replacement, though there is no formal studies or clinical evidence that CBD Vape can be used for smoking cessation. With that being said, anytime you can replace the act of cigarette smoking with something else that is more healthy, it is a net positive.


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