Is CBD Vape Oil Addictive?

It’s common knowledge that the THC found in the cannabis plant can produce euphoria or “high” in those who use it. While not physically addictive, some may be drawn into habitual use of cannabis due to this euphoria, resulting in possible psychological addiction.  Due to the addictive potential of the THC found in cannabis, many… Read more »

Is My CBD Vape Safe? What to Look For

With the recent spike in vaping related deaths, many people are expressing concern over the safety of their favorite vape cartridges. But before you panic and throw your CBD vape cartridges and accessories away, there are some things you can do to help keep yourself safe.  While the seeming randomness of these deaths can be… Read more »

Can Vaping CBD Oil Help Anxiety?

The number of people that suffer from anxiety seems to rise each year. From increased work stresses, financial uncertainty, and family complications, anxiety can feel like a fact of life.  For the millions of people that suffer from anxiety, there are many treatment options available but unfortunately, they are not always effective and can come… Read more »

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